Goold Family

This family session really struck a chord with me. Rachel asked me to come photograph her family of six, her sister's family of three, her brother and his wife, and their parents while they were all in town for Thanksgiving. I drove to Meriden, KS to their BEAUTIFUL farm (including the most amazing barn, built in 1889). The house was chaotic - family in from Indiana & Baltimore, and naps were scarce for the kids. Cooperation for traditional portraits was maaaaaaaybe not going to happen. ;) But Rachel wasn't concerned. Chase them around, get real moments, she said, shrugging her shoulders. So I did. 

We captured a few semi-posed group shots, but mostly we let the kids play and the grandparents dote and the siblings catchup. I loved it.

How many people would give just about anything for a photo like the one above with their grandpa? I would! I can't think of a single image I have with mine, let alone one that feels so raw and real. Family shoots, especially generational sessions like this one, are SO IMPORTANT. They're not just for you, mom and dad, and you, Christmas-card-receivers. They're a gift to your children. Something they'll treasure when those hands can no longer push them in a swing, or wrap them in a bear hug, or snuggle their little faces.

I hope you love these images as much as I do, and I hope they resonate in a way that inspires you to capture your family like this, with me or not! Happy Thanksgiving week to you and your families!