Hey Girls...

All right girls - I have the answer to all those difficult "what should I buy him for _________ (<----insert holiday here)?" questions! Sexy photos! And by sexy, I do not mean old-fashioned, tradional, or trashy. I'm talking about modern, cute, classy, and flattering pictures. The kind that make you giggle and say, "That's me?? I look like a Victoria's Secret model!" I've seen so many websites that offer glamour or budoir photos that are boring and old-fashioned. My style is fun and relaxed, and you'll love the result! They would be a fantastic wedding, anniversary, or Valentine's gift.

Drop me a line if this is something any of you girls would be interested in, just so I can get an idea. Because of the nature of these photos, I can't really put a whole shoot online, but I would be glad to show you a few examples if you're interested. If I get a good response, a new "Coquette" section will be on my webpage soon!

coquette, sillinessKelley Chance