Stormy weather

So last night (as many of you know), we had quite the stormy evening! Before the rain came down, though, I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures of the cool lightning with my fisheye lens. These were all handheld, several second exposures (I know, I really should have used a tripod, but that was too much work ;-), so some are a little blurry when looked at big. I still think they're cool!

Oh, one more thing - I thought I'd let you know, I'm working on a project with Tessa Renee Elwood (who some of you know as my assistant). We're taking photos of details around KC and planning to make it into a book available for purchase. If you have any interest in keeping up with the shoots, we started a blog @ We're hoping to go shooting again today if the weather doesn't (yet again) prevent it. Have fun!

Betcha didn't know I lived in a haunted house....

This was taken at the same time as the rest of the photos - isn't that crazy?

My husband, arriving home - not in a UFO...

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