Bare Sessions

Feel beautiful.

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Oh my goodness!!!!! Is that me!? Thank you so much! I needed this boost of confidence!
— Britney
Holy CRAP!! The pictures are sooo beyond what I imagined. Thank you so much, Kelley! I loved working with you and can’t say enough kind things about you and the amazing work you do!! My hub’s heart may stop briefly when he sees these!!

Thank you so so much!!
— Erin


Why would I do this?? What’s the purpose of these photos? Who are these for?

Fantastic question, glad you asked. These are for you. Yes, you. They aren’t for a certain “type” of girl, or an age, or a color, or any other label we put on ourselves. We all have a feminine, sexy self inside, even if we don’t see her every day. You can give the photos to your partner (they make a great anniversary/wedding/Christmas/Valentines/Presidents Day gift), or you can never show them to anyone. They are whatever you make them. We’ve had lots of girls take photos for themselves, and only for themselves, and we think that’s amazing.

Ultimately, Bare sessions exist to make you feel beautiful as you are, in your own skin.

What should I do with the photos after the shoot??

They’re gorgeous in a book (Kelley can totally help design one, or there’s lots of DIY printers online now), they look great printed and hung in your bedroom. Sometimes they’re fun to just text your significant other on Tuesday!

What should I wear??

Honestly, we love these sessions stripped down and natural (tastefully shot, of course, with everything covered as much as you are comfortable with). ❤️Neutral, lighter colors are our favorites, and lingerie that isn’t tooooo complicated. That being said, you do you - wear whatever makes you feel good!

This may sound silly, but be sure and bring bottoms that match your tops and vice versa. And by match, they don’t necessarily need to be a set, but we’ve definitely had girls bring 10 beautiful bras and 2 pairs of undies that don’t compliment each other!

Think outside the lingerie drawer too! A slouchy, off the shoulder sweater can be gorgeous! If lingerie isn’t your thing, that is a-ok!

Anything special I should do to prepare?

Nope. Come in whatever form you feel good.

Some girls prefer to get a wax, a mani/pedi, spray tan etc. beforehand, but it is absolutely not necessary to do anything special either. Honestly, these photos won’t be focused on your nails…or your bikini line ;) And spray tans can be a great glow, but if you’re not used to doing them, or want to try out a new place, this is probably not the best time to start. That being said, we can always shoot more in black and white if you have a mishap ;)

Having healthy, moisturized skin always looks nice, and feel free to bring lotion or body oil if it makes you feel good.

Do you have to share my photos online??

Definitely not. I love sharing my beautiful clients, but if you aren’t comfortable with that, that is absolutely ok too!

How should I come with hair and makeup??

Emily prefers you come with a bare face and clean to day-old, dry hair. If you have any favorite makeup items, feel free to bring them, but they are not necessary. Please do not arrive with wet hair.

What if it’s raining??

Not to worry, we’ll be indoors! Rain or shine. Of course, if weather is inclement and driving won’t be safe, we’re happy to reschedule.

How soon will photos be edited??

The standard turn around time is 3-4 weeks. If you need them sooner, be sure and chat with Kelley at your session!

What if I can’t come on the scheduled mini day??

Stylist Emily & I do special pricing on mini days, but we’re ALWAYS available for Bare sessions at our normal rates. Those can be booked via the link above that says “Create Your Session.” Bare parties (see below) are also always available!

What if I have a group of friends who all want to do this??

Woot! Those are our favorites! Bring your friends out, bring snacks, bring wine, whatever you like! You can all hang out in the styling area while shoots are happening, and if you’re up for it, we can absolutely take a fun group shot at the end. These work best with groups of 3-6 girls. For groups 3 and up, ask about special pricing! And while you’re at it, you might as well plan a girls’ day-into-night for after your sessions since you’re all dolled up and ready to go! It’s the perfect excuse!