Angela | Editorial Senior Session : Restless Native

Angela was the second senior rep I shot for 2016 seniors, and boy is she stunning!! Stylist Emily & I planned a "restless native" theme and we just love what we came up with! The shoot itself was quite an adventure - trekking through the woods, giant spiders, trekking back out of the woods through "uncharted territory...." Adventure, for sure!! But we had a great time, and the images are well worth it, I think!

5 Fun Facts About Angela:

  1. I don't care how old Johnny Depp is, I'll still marry him
  2. Napping is a skill 
  3. I missed 2 whole months of math class last semester and still ended with an A🎉 
  4. I will live in Colorado when I grow up; mountains are life 
  5. I'm still a Twilight fan....#teamEdward 

Working with Kelley and Emily was super fun and super chill. They made the photo shoot memorable and such a great experience. Definitely one of the best shoots I've ever done! I'm thankful to both of them for taking time out of their busy lives to make me pretty and to capture the prettiest moments!



If you're interested in senior photos, or an awesome editorial session like this, be sure and email soon!