The Women of Cobra Command CrossFit

Buckle in, y'all, this is a fun post! I've been going to Cobra Command CrossFit in Basehor, KS now since last Christmas and have become absolutely addicted. (My husband, Sam, and I definitely drank the Kool-Aid ;) The workouts are challenging and get great results. I feel stronger, more confident, and more capable than I ever have before.

But I think what keeps us coming back the most is the amazing sense of community we get there.

We've become close friends with so many of the C3 members, and genuinely enjoy their company. We all celebrate each other's newest PR's and cheer one another on when we don't think we can do another burpee-box-jump-over. We suffer and slog through the sometimes-grueling workouts together and somehow make it seem like we're actually having fun, and want to keep coming back for more! (Ha!)

Recently the gym competed in the worldwide Lurong Living Summertime Challenge where we participated in weekly workout competitions and challenged ourselves to follow the Paleo diet for 5 weeks. C3 placed 2nd overall, with many members scoring high on the individual points as well! We encouraged each other to stay on track, and kept ourselves motivated.

Eventually the concept for this shoot emerged - the women of Cobra Command, dedicated to our CrossFit regimen, normally seen in lycra and tank tops, but who still enjoy getting glammed up occasionally. Girls of all ages, skill levels and sizes who work hard all week, but don't take ourselves too seriously. Females who like food. Women who uplift and cheer on their peers and truly care about the girl at the next bar over. This is what CrossFit is to me, and the women of Cobra Command.

Shot by Kelley Photo with assistance from Nicole Gravatt at Hotel Phillips in Kansas City, MO. Some styling provided by Magdalena Styles.