Well, hello.


Hi friends! I find myself in the somewhat familiar pattern of introducing a new blog yet again. I've tried blogging, tried really hard, I swear! If you've known me for awhile, you may remember the multiple times I've attempted to keep up with blogging Kelley Photo client images over the past 12 years. Or for my "God Made Dirt" blog. Or maybe even as far back as my "Monkeys & Puppets" blog. Or from the time my bestie and I had the best idea for a magazine, Quirk, and called it quits after one awesome edition.

I have this habit of having great, big, far-fetched ideas and even better intentions, but somehow letting them fall through the cracks. It's one of my character flaws. 


To be fair, I try to make happen LOTS of ideas. Tons of huge plans. Allllllll the projects. I can't seem to help myself. That may be why in the last 3 years we've built a huge treehouse, a monster back porch and pergola, have started building a new studio addition (eeee!!!), and have rearranged/repainted/redecorated more times than i can count. "Oh wow, it looks different in here again," is a phrase commonly exclaimed by friends more often than not when they step through my doors. 


It's the same character flaw that has me trying YET AGAIN to grow a garden, despite my proclamations last summer and fall that I was ready to burn my 30x40 raised bed plot to the ground.

And not just a regular old garden, but this year I need to add a pumpkin patch, and some fruit trees, and LOTS more flowers - can't you just see all the beautiful photos with cut flowers and gardens growing wild and beautiful in the background?? All the food to be cooked fresh from the garden??

(2018 IS MY YEAR!!!!)

I just can't seem to contain my ideas, my enthusiasm, my obsessive tendencies....er, passionate personality... when it comes to changing things up, or recreating myself and my surroundings. 

So here we are, starting afresh with a new blog, and I PROMISE I'll try super hard not to let it die. 

I want to fill this space with all the projects, all the food, all the dirty, sweaty country-living goodness we experience around here. So that I can remember it through the years, and maybe I can help inspire, uplift, or just plain entertain you if you're so kind to read along.

I love creating and surrounding myself with beautiful things, which I hope will fill these virtual pages, but along with that, expect a healthy dose of the ridiculous, as that is the reality around these parts. 

So wish me luck, and for goodness sake, please leave me a comment or some sign of life that you're out there reading so I have some sort of accountability to keep posting! It looks like a fun season of life ahead!