Birthday Cakes for a Birthday Ninja

So, I think I’ve established that I can get a little carried away. 

The past few years the amazing Cami has made all my boys’ birthday cakes and cookies and she does SUCH a phenomenal job!! She’s so fantastic, though, that this year for Sully’s American Ninja Warrior birthday party, she was already booked with a massive commercial job.

Once I got past my initial distress at a missed opportunity to stuff myself with her delicious baked goods, I decided I could handle this. And set out to create not just one, not just two, but three different cakes AND their own cake stands to match! Red, white and blue, naturally, to go with the American Ninja Warrior theme. (Ahem, this is about the time you may recall the whole “carried away” thing.)

(Also, it's completely reasonable to build a Ninja course complete with zipline in your backyard, right? I mean, American Ninja Warrior is AWESOME, yes? And that stuff will provide YEARS of entertainment for young and old... more on that in another post!)

So. First step: make the cake stands. EASY, yes?? Eh, not the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but slightly beyond my pay grade. ;) I ordered a few unfinished wooden candlesticks from Amazon, then picked up a few more for good measure from Michaels, along with some unfinished wooden circular plaques.

Not having any sort of plan, I decided to just start painting. There was a small splatter incident….(we'll see how well the husband is reading this right about now 😬 Don't worry, Sam, we got it cleaned up 😉)...


And then I decided I didn’t love the splatter look for these anyway, and just painted over them. The splatters gave it kind of a cool texture in the end though!

And then came the cakes, themselves! We settled on the birthday boy’s choices - vanilla buttermilk with cream cheese icing, lemon blueberry, and strawberry French cake

(And obviously, a hair appointment in between days ;)


They all turned out DELICIOUS, if I do say so myself. I think the consensus from the party goers was lemon-blueberry was the best, followed by strawberry, and vanilla rounded out in third place.


And also, because I’ve promised you a hearty dose of ridiculousness AND reality, I’ll share the nonsense that is me buying candles. I don’t really know what goes on in my brain sometimes, but two years ago, when Sully turned 5 and I made him a s'more cake, I screwed up and bought him a 4 candle. I was all excited to show it to him, because he loves little things like that.

“Ummm….thanks mama, but why is it a 4….? I’m turning 5…”

OF COURSE YOU’RE TURNING SIX!!! Gotcha! Glad you’re paying attention (cue emergency-calling the mother in law to go pick up a 5 on her way to the party, like an IDIOT).

So this year, I’m in the Target aisle and I even catch myself starting to look at the 8’s. “Oh silly me, he’s turning 7, of course, not 8!”

What do I go home with, dear readers????

A FOUR!!! A freaking 4!!!!

Like I said, I really don’t understand what goes on my brain most days.

Anyyyyyywho, anyone else get a little crazy with their kids’ birthday parties?? I swear, I’ve really toned it down over the years, but I do love a good opportunity to whip up something pretty! Tell me about your party creations in the comments!