The First Treehouse Fort


Yesterday was such a peaceful, beautiful, full of life day at our house. The boys spent the morning reading and playing cards and riding bikes. After lunch in the early afternoon, I casually suggested they gather some pillows up to their treehouse to read in comfort. Both boys' eyes lit up like Christmas trees and they were off. Minutes later they were swooping back into the house, squeezing one another's hand, asking excitedly,

"Can we build a fort??"
"And sleep in it ALL NIGHT!!"
"We'll read books to fall asleep!!"
"Oh, and can you put our dinner on paper plates and bring it to us up there so we don't have to bring our plates back down and we can just stay in our fort all day and night?!"

After a short moment of stunned silence, trying to take in everything that had just been breathlessly flung in my direction, I laughed, and said of course, knowing full well that the likelihood of the full overnight plan was slim.

I've never seen two boys on such a mission. They brought armload after armload of books, playing cards, coloring supplies, pillows, and of course, snacks (tupperware containers full of garden goodies they picked and stocked with ice cubes to keep chilled) into their new domain. They spent the ENTIRE afternoon and evening playing in and around their camp.

Sam & I recently made the decision to homeschool our boys this year, despite our great love for Oaklawn, the Montessori school Sully has been attending. And honestly, if every single day of homeschooling looked just like this, I would feel it a great success.

I love that they are each other's best friend, and favorite adventure partner.

In case you're wondering how the night ended, after eating dinner in their fort, Grady heard the coyotes in the nearby distance, and decided to forego his overnight adventure. Not Sully. So I slept on his couch-cushion bed with him and enjoyed the sounds of the night, the view of an-almost-full moon through the trees above us, the snuggles, and the cool summer breeze, and I soaked up the memories of this perfect day.