Well poop. This week has been just one big bunch of crazy. The new website going live has not (obviously) gone quite as planned. If you feel so inclined, you're welcome to go check it out, as it is, currently, live. However, any looking at proofs that you may have planned (or looking at my last blog post, for that matter) is unfortunately unavailable for the weekend. My new website company is working hard, I'm sure, to alleviate the problem, but as of now...nobody really knows what it is! Sorry guys...

In addition to this, we're moving (as in, actually moving all the stuff finally!) this weekend, so our computers are sort of in transit. As we speak I'm sitting in a half-furnished new studio space with Kris' iMac on a coffee table so I could give you this update! Lol...oh the joys ;-) Basically, what I'm asking for is some patience with us - pleeeease! We should be back to full funcitionality (that's not really a word, but I like it ;-) sometime next week, so if you don't hear from us right way, we really aren't ignoring you!

Wish us luck - hopefully we'll have the rest of the furniture/files/crap moved in this weekend! The fabulous Solars will be in the house to give us some extra hands tomorrow and I couldn't appreciate their help (and the help of my other friends and family, especially my SuperHubby Sam) more! I think you guys are gonna like what we're working on! Back soon....! :-)