Senior Portrait Posing Guide for Photographers!

posingblog Hey photogs, what's up?? I just wanted to share my new senior portrait posing guide, released with Get Schooled Photo. It includes over 100 of my country-inspired senior portrait images, along with tips and tricks for getting your best images. It's super affordable - only $40 - and if you use my special code, KELLEYPHOTO, you'll get $10 off! Woot! Check it out!

While you're at it, be sure and look at all the other amazing products offered by Get Schooled - including the currently in-session Senior Blueprint. Ah-mazing.

Get Schooled on Facebook And ME on Facebook - wanna be friends?! :)

Sully Says : GALOSHES!

Sully Says{A Monthly Themed Art Series}

I'm super excited to announce a new monthly photo series for you to take part in! Each month Sully will debut a new theme. Each theme will work for any subject - babies, kids, teens, couples or Coquettes.

Sessions will be 10-15 minutes long and include your choice of 3 edited, high res images and will be $100 each. These shoots are designed to be a super-fun, quick, and affordable way to get a unique triptych of photos - great for wall displays!

This month's theme is Rainy Day Adventure! Email to book your spot for this month :)

concept low res

Senior Blueprint!

BIGMAGAZINEAD-copy3 Well, darn it, it's happened again. I got totally distracted by my (ridiculously adorable) baby boy and COMPLETELY neglected my blog again. Le sigh. I will be back here and blogging again in the near future, I swear! For any photographers left out there reading, though, I have a super awesome opportunity to share. Whether you're just starting your senior portrait business, or just need to refresh and recharge, check it out!

I'm collaborating with four other amazing photographers, Courtney deLaura, Lexi Vornberg, Amanda K, & Kimberly Scott to bring you Senior Blueprint, designed to help you build an awe inspiring, profitable senior portrait business. There is, literally, no topic left uncovered in this completely comprehensive 5 week online course.

Amongst other awesome features, the course includes:

- PDF guide covering the entire process of building or growing your senior portrait business. From booking workflow, to shooting techniques, successful rep programs, post-processing and so much more.

- Videos: 1. Teen panel – connect with your target demographic 2. Follow along on two separate senior sessions. One girl & one boy! 3. In-person order appointment training

- Live Q&A sessions with Lexi Vornberg, Amanda K, Kimberly Scott, Courtney DeLaura, & myself, Kelley Walker Chance

- Private facebook group : for secrets, giggles, interaction with participants & contributors

- Forms Collection : order forms, booking workflow forms, booking phone scripts, & more

- Marketing Collection : Designed for easy customization and instant implementation

- Posing guide : over 100 images for inspiration

- $250 Credit towards blog re-design from (the AMAZING designer behind my own blog)

- 6-month listing in the photographer directory

Registration is open now at, and the price goes up February 3! Sign up for the course that will make a huge impact on your senior portrait business and make an investment in yourself! :)

Shoot Day for Photographers!!

At long last, the Solars & I are announcing a new Shoot Day, just in time for this beautiful fall weather :) This time we'll be focusing on the art of shooting kiddos. Come out and play as we talk about our techniques and methods and give you a chance to shoot and work on your portfolio as well. Email with any questions and to reserve your spot for October 5. See you there!

shootday kidssm

Photographer Classes!

dsc_8343 (a picture from my garden, since posts are better with pictures) I've been getting lots of requests for more classes and/or Shoot Days, so I decided to put it to a poll! Select below any classes you would be interested in taking, and please leave a comment with any other ideas. Thanks guys!

**please only vote if you have any intention of signing up**

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Shoot Day!

Last Saturday Josh & I held our second Shoot Day and it was just as fun as the first! It's really great to see newer photographers (and more seasoned ones, too) having such a great time shooting and experimenting. We definitely plan to hold more of these in the future, so if you haven't jumped on board yet, come out and play!

This day's attendees included:
Heather Cole, one of the most fabulous and fun chicas I know, made a special guest appearance...and we immediately put her to work doing the girls' hair :-) She just rocks like that.
Jeremy Arnold
Jolene Grabill
Patrick Scanlan
Jimmy Douglas
Sarah Chatham
Bethany Peasley
Amy Kuntz
Julie Branyan
Sharaya Mauck
Sarah Crawmer

This time around we focused on couples, and honestly - we couldn't have had better subjects! Jordan & Richard were our first couple - I'm sure everyone remembers her cuteness :-) And the one and only Ashley, my fabulous new studio manager, and her FIANCE (they just got engaged ;-) were our other gorgeous couple. Check out how much they worked it!


Wow. I seriously can't even say how much fun Josh & I's first Shoot Day mini-shop was. First we had the most beautiful weather ever (70 degrees...seriously!!) then were stoked at the huge response we received. We ended up with about 16 participants yesterday and they were all totally fabulous!! Everyone had a great time and we're definitely planning on holding these shoot days again, so stay tuned and be sure you've emailed Ashley ( if you're interested. And while you're at it, let us know what you'd be interested in learning!

Anyway, on to the photos! Here's a list also of our fantastic shoot day attendees - be sure to check out their shots!

Sarah Dickerson
Amy Hoskins
Jaclyn Marie
Claire Ryser
Tyler King
Jolene Grabill
Nicole McLaughlin
Angela Davis
Michael Thomas
Sharaya Mauck
Patrick Scanlan
Jen Flanagan
Sarah Crawmer
Heather Denney
Jennifer Bresnahan
Sarah Maxey
Jeremy Arnold

Thanks again to everyone who attended, to Katie, who as usual KILLED the styling, and to Josh for a maaaaahhhhh-velous day! :-)

Hope you enjoy my view of the day's images - we decided on an 80s Rock theme and I think our girls, Kristin & Jessica, ROCKED IT OUT, don't you??? (More on facebook, as usual!)

Starting with two of my favorites...

How about these girls' eyes?!?

And now for a little lighting magic!

Attack of the paparazzi!

No, for real - attack of the paparazzi!! :-)

Good times in garages

Ok, slowly I'm working my way through the Seattle pics....just a few more left :-) Here's bigger versions of the ones seen in Shyla's video yesterday. Who knew empty parking garages could be so fun???

P.S. I'm sick today (thanks Heather, Mike and the barage of sick people who have been breathing on me :-) so if you called or emailed...I've been trying to sleep it off....uggh.

Heather's such a hottie.

As is Dustin :-)

And don't even get me started on Shy.

Ok, first up in the 'Parking Garage Experimental Series' is Levitating Man...aka Jesh with a flash.

Fred being Spiderman.

Jason & Jesh, the Canadian wonders :-)

Jesh took over my camera for this shot. Notice the person front left - that's me :-)

And Shyla & Dustin in the Karate Kid Matrix (thanks for the title Michele :-).

After the garage sessions, Jason, Dustin & I took it to the streets for a few.

Thanks for this one Jason!

Back from Seattle!

Hey everyone - sorry to be so absent lately! I just got back from attending the Anti-Workshop in Seattle last night and had SUCH a good time!! The Coopers and the Boutwells were soooooooo inspiring and genuine, not to mention the host of other fabulous photographers in attendance. I really had a great time and met some awesome new friends! Here's just a handful of some of my new pals and I. Next post will contain some of the sweet "real" pics we took out there.

Me, Dalisa, Chenin & Heather (and yes, Heather is actually licking Chenin's face in the last one...she's so weird).

Dalisa's husband, the infamous and ridiculously talented John Michael Cooper. This is the guy credited with starting the dress trashing trend, but he's so completely humble and down to earth! What an inspiration...

Jason and I. Jason's from Canada and has some great shots - one of which you'll see on the next post...of me!

Another ridiculously talented person who's incredibly grounded (usually ;-). Jesh de Rox and I. This guy has been winning award after award lately and totally deserves it.

JMC and I.

Jasmine Star & I - she's too sweet for words!

Jesh, Dustin (one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, and waaaaay talented - also from KC), Heather, and me.

The one and only Doug Boutwell and me.

Fred Egan, amazing Dallas photog and I.

Jamie, Kate & I - how much fun are these girls? And they're Nikon girls too!

I absolutely loved Lisa - she's such a doll!!

Me and Dustin lookin' hot! ;-)

Waiting for the always late (and always crazy) shuttle back to the hotel - Fred, Jesh, and Mark.

Me and Heather being our usual selves.

Gorgeous and fabulous Shyla