{Sully Says : Galoshes!} Who needs rainclouds??

triptychsmHere's beautiful Maddie, showing off her rain boots on a sunny, but puddle-filled day :) Who needs clouds to play in their galoshes??

The details once again:

Each month, my Sully boy will debut a new theme. Each theme will work for any subject - babies, kids, teens, couples or Coquettes. Sully Says Sessions will be 10-15 minutes long and include your choice of 3 edited, high res images and will be $100 each. These shoots are designed to be a super-fun, quick, and affordable way to get a unique triptych of photos – great for wall displays!

This month’s theme is Rainy Day Adventure! Email kelley@kelley-photo.com to book your spot for this month :)

Sully Says : GALOSHES!

Sully Says{A Monthly Themed Art Series}

I'm super excited to announce a new monthly photo series for you to take part in! Each month Sully will debut a new theme. Each theme will work for any subject - babies, kids, teens, couples or Coquettes.

Sessions will be 10-15 minutes long and include your choice of 3 edited, high res images and will be $100 each. These shoots are designed to be a super-fun, quick, and affordable way to get a unique triptych of photos - great for wall displays!

This month's theme is Rainy Day Adventure! Email kelley@kelley-photo.com to book your spot for this month :)

concept low res

My excuse for disappearing off the face of the earth...

Wow, is anyone even still reading my blog here?!?! If you are, be sure and give me a shout in the comments so I know and will post more ;)

I HAD MY BABY!!!! Yay! Sullivan AlDyne Walker Chance (Sully) was born April 4th at 10:51a.m. after a crrrrrrrazzzzzy delivery! We just love him to pieces and are so glad to have him! I thought I'd put up a few highlight pics of him here to show him off (in chronological order - he's grown so much already). Anyone who has emailed me recently knows I've been a little slow responding... SORRY!!! But can you blame me, looking at this darling little face?? :) There's a shot of Sully with our own fabulous Kris & one with Ashley, too, for past clients who remember their wonderful ways!

Announcements :)

Hey everyone! How are we all enjoying FALL??? It's finally here, and I'm soooo excited! This is always my favorite time of year - the boots, the pumpkin flavored everything, yummy candles, the gorgeous colors and of course - less sweating ;) I just needed to make a few announcements. 1) If you haven't heard yet, I'm pregnant! Sam & I are expecting our first little one April 7! What this means for you is that I'll be doing a VERY limited amount of spring sessions. If you're a senior, it would definitely be smart to go ahead and book a fall session. October is pretty much full, but we should still have some beautiful colors in November. As of now, there's still plenty of shoot time available then! Email kelley@kelley-photo.com for information and scheduling.

2) There's still time to sign up for the Shoot Day with Solar Photographers & I next Tuesday, October 5. The last few have been a blast and this one promises to be just as great. Email jenny@solarphotographers.com for that.

Whew! I think that's it for now. Stay tuned for sneak previews of LOTS of shoots and weddings coming up! :) September 2

Amy Seeley Concert in My Backyard

I'm a terrible blogger and should have had this up ages ago, but here it is now anyway :) I was fortunate to have the amazing Amy Seeley, as well as Drew Van Horn's band of many names come perform an intimate concert in my backyard with a few of our close friends. To say the experience was incredible is to put it mildly. It was really a once-in-a-lifetime evening!! Hope you can get a sense of it from the photos :)

spring special!

springspecialsmHey all! I don't know about you, but I am LOVING this amazing warm weather, and I think that's cause to celebrate with some fabulous new photos! Ashley & I are offering fabulous, super-affordable mini-sessions for only $250! Pick from a city session near our studio in the City Market or come out to my lovely ten acres in Tonganoxie, KS (only about 45 minutes from downtown) for a country feel like GiGi, pictured below.

Email ashley@kelley-photo.com to set yours up and get some updated photos of yourself, your family, your special someone :)

Valentine's Day Is Sneaking Up!

Wow! Can anyone else believe that it's already January 7th!?! And as usual, Valentine's Day has snuck up on us! Do you know what you're giving your hubby/fiance/boyfriend this year?

Well, if you haven't done a Coquette session yet (or heck, even if you have and it's been awhile ;), this is the perfect time to do one! Your boy of choice will be absolutely drooling for you by the time he checks out your photos :) And, the best part - these shoots are *SO* much fun - really!! They can be as risque or tame as you'd like (meaning - you certainly don't have to get naked - a pretty dress can be just as sexy as lingerie). These may also be done with your honey, if you'd like a sweet, intimate view of the two of you. They can be shot in studio, or in the comfort of your own home. And how about some snowy photos, Kansas City? This white stuff might as well be good for something... ;)kaitlin So here's the deal: we have very limited time available to get the photos taken and processed in time for you to give the best gift EVA! Remaining dates to book:

January 28
January 29
February 1
February 2

We'll even give you a little Valentine's sale to sweeten the deal :) The shoot itself is $350 includes hair and makeup styling by the incomparable Katie (Mink Artistry) so you look extra-super hot. You get to wear 3-4 outfits (or un-outfits as the case may be ;), and we'll shoot about an hour. You'll end up with 30-50ish gorgeous, fully edited images to wow your beau.

One of our famous Little Black Books (a custom-designed, printed and bound, GORGEOUS book featuring you) will be $375 (normally $425).

A 16x24 bedroom canvas (I actually have one of these up in our bedroom and my hubby loves it :) will be $340 (normally $375).

A high resolution CD with all of your fully-edited photos (you can print from this yourself, and you get ALL of your hottie pics) will be $650 (normally $895). Or choose 15 of your favorite images for the CD and pay only $450 (normally $565).

Finally, you can give your boy a set of 5 5x7 prints for $125 (normally $150).

However, these rates are only applicable on the specified dates. If you'd like a weekend date (January 30 or 31), they are available for an additional $50. Email Ashley@kelley-photo.com to book your spot! :)

EDITED TO ADD: Another idea - boys, get a gift certificate for your hotter halves so she can come in and be pampered and feel great about herself...not to mention, she'll share the photos with you - not a bad deal :)

Workshop time!

Due to popular demand, it's time for some more workshops! This time Jenny Solar and I are teaming up for two courses to shape up your business behind the scenes (it's too cold to be outside shooting anyway ;). I'll be focusing on photoshop skills and workflow from 6:00 to 7:00. At 7:30 Jenny will help you sharpen your business skills (God knows we all need help with that...). Jenny's already made a HUGE impact on my business, personally. She's pretty dang amazing.

This first season will last four weeks, and we'll follow it up with another four week session to build on what you've learned this spring.

So what are you waiting for?? Email ashley@kelley-photo.com to reserve your spot!


prints, canvases, and books (ohmy!)

It's that time again! The holidays are approaching which means its time to start thinking about family photos, gifts for grandparents and everyone else you love! Interested?

Here's the scoop!
We will activate your online gallery for you to take another look at your photos - send us an email to let us know you'd like to view your gallery! (ashley@kelley-photo.com) We can help you come up with some fabulous order ideas :)

Order prints, canvases, and books (ohmy!) by November 16th in order to get them by Christmas.
Bonus! - all orders made by November 16th receive 10% off! Just enter "santa" at check out. Also, this is your last chance to make purchases at our 2009 prices - starting November 17th 2010 prices will be in effect.

Have we not had the chance to take your photo? We still have a limited amount of sessions available - just email for more information! ashley@kelley-photo.com We can't wait to hear from you!

Look at the above gorgeous group of canvases that will be going over the fireplace at the fricker's home! Bet you want one too! ;)

the list.

"...the moment that i wait or i hesitate, is a moment that i waste. i can see it all passing me by..."
-rosi golan lyric

without getting too sappy and melancholy, i wanted to post a list of thirty goals for myself. life goes fast and i can't believe i'm about to be a quarter of century old! i just wanted to put this out there so i would have some accountability. as i check things off the list i may show a few of the details here. think about your own goals for the upcoming weeks, months, and years. is your life everything you want it to be? if not, now's the time to change it! leave me a comment and tell me some of your goals, what you think of mine, or anything else you feel like saying :)

1. take spanish/french/portuguese/italian lessons
2. experiment with print making (silk screen, stencil, stamp)
3. learn to crochet from my mom
4. take guitar lessons and actually practice
5. visit with other small business owners and other creatives more often
6. volunteer at least once a month
7. make an inspiration book with photos, song lyrics or anything else that inspires me
8. take a biblical history class/read the bible
9. start doing yoga more frequently (at least twice a week) so my back will quit hurting and i have some flexibility
10. experiment more with film and other mediums
11. take a dance class with sam
12. take a cooking class
13. get out of bed by seven everyday
14. start praying and having reflective time everyday
15. get control of my will power (aka eating junk nonstop then feeling guilty about it)
16. travel somewhere new at least once every two months, even if it's just a weekend trip
17. take voice lessons
18. go to a wine tasting and really learn about wine
19. shoot more for myself (aka have my camera around a little more often)
20. go skydiving/paragliding/some sort of flying ;)
21. be better about returning phone calls and emails
22. learn more about my family
23. continue to start new "projects" but not let them completely take over my life
24. read more - and not just vampire books ;)
25. spend more real time with my friends; keep in touch with the people who really matter to me
26. keep a journal and make yearly (at least) personal photo albums so i can remember all the wonderful moments i'm experiencing
27. start *writing* again (poetry, song lyrics, etc.) even if it's just for myself
28. educate myself more on politics so i can make my own informed decisions
29. craft more, or at least write down my crafty ideas so i can come back to them
30. ride my horse more often (or at all...)

quirk {the magazine} is alive!!!!

OMG...I'm so excited I don't know what to do with myself!! You may have heard that my fabulous friend, Ashlee Matthews, and I, along with some amazing co-conspirators, Ashley Marsh, Katy Ryan & Katie Snustead (and quite a few others, as a matter of fact) have teamed up to create QUIRK {the magazine} (and the longest sentence in the history of the world ;)

We just finished issue one and it's now available for you to check out and write tons of nice things about ;) Click the magazine below to check it out! Issue two will be available in print for spring - be sure and let us know if you're interested in advertising.

Oh, and be sure to check out the awesome website my cousin Jason just fixed up for us - he pretty much rocks!!


exciting news!

This just in: Kelley Photo now offers a fantastic second option to our signature senior sessions (say that three times fast ;)...as well as kids & families!

Fabulous Ashley, who we all love and adore for her scheduling/emailing/phone-calling/keeping-my-head-on-straight abilities, has yet another talent...girl can shoot!! So starting now, we'll be offering shoots by Ashley as well. This is a great option for the budget-conscious senior (or family) who still wants spectacular photos! Check out her portfolio on the website where it says...uh...Ashley's Portfolio :)

Also, check out our new Fall Session/Product Guide here. There's info on Ashley's shoots, my new shoots, and all our fabulous products!

Here's one of Ashley's gahhhhhgeoussss shots of GiGi for you to drool over. More from her on the blog soon!

Furniture Sale!!

Cleaning house! I still have some fabulous furniture left from the old studio(s) that were used superrrrr lightly as props. You know these would look great in your house...and photogs, look how great they are in camera! (Girls not included in sales ;)

PS. How do you like all these old school logos?? I've had a few, huh?? Let me know if you have questions or wanna buy em! kelley@kelley-photo.com

This fabulous blue loveseat from Home Decorators is going for $200 (we paid $450).

Here's one by itself.

And EVERYONE's favorite red chair. A mere $150. You know you better buy this one up, because everyone loves it!!

We also have these two comfy tan chairs. $200 each or $375 for the set. Don't mind the awful pic quality here... ;)