First off, thank you all so much for commenting, emailing and calling to offer your help and sympathy for my computer issues yesterday! It really made my day :-)

I wanted to post a sneak preview for Chrissy & Richard - I know they're getting anxious to see these! I had so much fun with these two. Chrissy's bridesmaids were seriously hilarious. They kept making up bride-related words (like ex-briding instead of exciting) and had me cracking up all day! Plus we got this AMAZING light as soon as Richard came down to see Chrissy for the first time....that's a lot better than the rain we were expecting!

Richard, heading down to catch a glimpse of the adorable Chrissy.

Here's a great example of why I love working with an assistant (especially a fabulous one like Renee :-). While I was shooting this....

She got this...

THE romantic! :-)

Doesn't Powell Gardens look creepy at night??