Christmas Cards, Albums, and Such

Ok, so I didn't get around to the second photo post for today, but I do have some announcements. The holidays are right around the corner now, believe it or not, and as such, we have a few things to address!

First off, Christmas cards! Anyone wishing to order Christmas cards is welcome to do so using any of the photos taken with us. Some of our beautiful designs include:

Design 1 (5x7)
Design 2 (5x7)

Design 3 (5x7)

Design 4 (5x7)

Design 5 (5x5 Tri Fold)

Design 6: (5x7)

Design 7: (5x7)

We can do custom cards as well - email for pricing! All Christmas cards must be ordered by November 2nd to receive them by Thanksgiving.

And on the subject of deadlines, we're doing our best to get all of the wedding albums we have designed and ready for you to see if you're waiting. Those of you who haven't submitted your favorites for design, get on it! We absolutely have to have your selections by October 26th (that's next Friday) in order to process and get albums back to you by Christmas. All changes requested on albums must be received by November 2nd, for those of you waiting to let us know :-)

Since it's almost 9:30 on Friday night and I'm still working, I think I'm done for now :-) Email ( if you have any questions!