Fun times at the open house

Thanks to everyone who came out for the KPD open studio on Sunday! We had so much fun (and even more food :-). Of course I didn't get to take as many pics as I should have, but here a few we managed to catch through the day.

The incomparable Katie and I.


My fabulous assistant, Renee & I.

From left to right, me, my mom, my Aunt Mary.

My neice and protege, Paige and I.

Me & Jason.

I love this shot of my friend Rebecca!

The delicious cake made by Joe-it's my logo! How cute!

Joe! I do have to give credit, too - the following pictures were all snapped by Paige - thanks for your help darling!

My darling hubby, Sam - he's probably going to kill me for posting this (especially since with all the hubbub we didn't manage to get a shot together :-( Thanks for all your help honey!

I wish I had a better shot of him, but here's Peter hanging out with Katie (laughing at Jason, if I remember correctly). Peter owns a fantastic videography company, Kairos Moment - you should check him out!

Ashley & Robbie - they are going to do a seriously cool dress-trashing shoot with me in June!

Kris, my new studio manager, hiding behind the flowers!

Erin, me, and Gen hanging out with my doors :-)

Masoom, my graphic design professor and I.

Some of my favorite clients! L to R - Kelly (Hayden's mom - more pics of him to come soon), Debbie (Kelly's mom, Hayden's Grandma), me, Betsey (Katie's mom), and Katie (I shot her and Matt's wedding last September).

Awww, mother-daughter pics! Speaking of which, if I had a mother-daughter pic day, would anyone be interested in coming...?