Goin' to...Kansas City...Kansas City, Here I Come!

It's FINALLY time for the announcement! NOOOOOOOO....I am definitely, without-a-doubt, for sure, absolutely NOT pregnant....duh - have you people ever met me??? ;-)

However, my baby (the business, of course :-) is making a big move! Once again, we're moving to a new studio! But this time is different...how, you ask? This time I'm sharing space with some of my favorite people - fantastic photographers: Josh & Jenny Solar, and miraculous beauty-maker, Mink Artistry!

This co-op is going to be great for everyone. As some of you know, I've been taking on less family and children shoots and weddings so that I can focus more on what I do best - Seniors & Coquettes, and also segway into more fashion and bands (look for a new band website soon, in fact). The Solars are fantastic child photographers (prolly because Josh is a kid, himself ;-) and we'll really be able to provide a lot of great services under one roof.

In addition, Katie (Mink) we'll be more accessible and we all know how hawt she makes everyone she touches!

However, please be aware that all three businesses are definitely still standing and will not be merging, so other than a super-cool location in Kansas City's City Market square, not much will be changing for you. We'll still have the same number and still provide the killer photos you're used to :-)

We can't wait to share photos as we start our transition next month. And we can't wait to have ya'll over for a party as soon as the space is ready! Thanks for all your support while we move into this exciting new time!