Good times in garages

Ok, slowly I'm working my way through the Seattle pics....just a few more left :-) Here's bigger versions of the ones seen in Shyla's video yesterday. Who knew empty parking garages could be so fun???

P.S. I'm sick today (thanks Heather, Mike and the barage of sick people who have been breathing on me :-) so if you called or emailed...I've been trying to sleep it off....uggh.

Heather's such a hottie.

As is Dustin :-)

And don't even get me started on Shy.

Ok, first up in the 'Parking Garage Experimental Series' is Levitating Man...aka Jesh with a flash.

Fred being Spiderman.

Jason & Jesh, the Canadian wonders :-)

Jesh took over my camera for this shot. Notice the person front left - that's me :-)

And Shyla & Dustin in the Karate Kid Matrix (thanks for the title Michele :-).

After the garage sessions, Jason, Dustin & I took it to the streets for a few.

Thanks for this one Jason!