Happy Mom's Day

Well, what's a family get-together without some fun pictures to show? We had our first family event at our house and did it big - my whole family in the afternoon, Sam's whole family in the evening! Here's some pics from the day:

My darling nephew Austin, who (if his Uncle Sam has anything to do with it) will grow up to eat, sleep, and breathe football!

Here he's playing with Garrett, our friends Bill & Megan's son.

Seriously, Aunt Kelley, put down the camera....

Here's Garrett's adorable little sister, Aubrey, my new best friend.

The husband enjoying a little friendly football.

My fabulous neice, Paige, who has decided she wants to be a photographer when she grows up (sweet!!!)

The other fabulous neice, Jordan, who wants to be a million important things when she grows up. She's also graduating 8th grade tonight - Congrats Jordan!!!

My cousin, Matt, and I. Ladies, he's single again.... all inquiries may be sent to me.

My cousin's beautiful daughter, Vanessa.

My mom on the left and my Aunt Chris. Can you believe I forgot to get a pic of me and mom on Mother's Day?!?

Vanessa's big brother, Brandon, being ornery.

And, the star of the show, Kodie!