Heather & Olivia

Ok, guys I'm sorry for being so slow returning emails and calls this week - I promise I'm not trying to avoid anyone! I had a great wedding yesterday with Dani & Jesse so we'll have some great pics coming up from it, as well as the other weddings I haven't blogged about. I've been meaning to write about my lunch with Heather Cole forever now! Heather and I had talked over email for several months before we finally met last month for lunch. We have such a blast together and she's a fabulous photographer as well, so we have tons in common! Heather owns Cole Digital Creations, so you should definitely check her out- she's great!

Anyway, at our lunch, we decided to take pics of each other since neither of us are ever on the front side of the camera! Here's some of my favorites of her and her gorgeous daughter, Olivia. Her pics of me are on her blog as well.

Heather first:

The beautiful and charming Olivia:

And Heather and I (we're so professional :-):