Holly & Brian - Engagement Shoot

Hey everyone! Before we get to the fun stuff, I need to make a few announcements...Due to the craziness KPD has been experiencing this fall (aka. a million portraits and weddings), we are no longer accepting portraits (or weddings) for dates between Thanksgiving and New Year. I need a break :-). Things will get rolling again after the first of the year, which is also when we hope to be building a studio (get excited!!!!)!

One more notice - dates for weddings next year are filling up fast! I will only be accepting about 20 weddings for 2007, and 13 dates are already taken. Let me know if you'd like to meet and discuss any details!

Ok, on to the fun stuff :-) I shot Holly and Brian's engagement photos a few weeks back here at my house, and they were really a fun couple! Here's a few of my favorites.

They made friends with the cow next door. Only in Kansas..... :-)