Jamie+AJ | Married!

Jamie & AJ got married on a beautiful, if a little warm, day in Parkville where they both grew up and have dated since they were 14! They are seriously the cutest couple, and *so* sweet and genuine. I had a wonderful time with them and their bridal party - where there were a few familiar faces as you'll see below. Congratulations you two! I'm sure I'll see you at concerts coming up in the future :-)

This shot CRACKS me up! I don't know why, but I just start giggling whenever I see it!

Love it when a guest's flash goes off at just the right moment and makes the shot!

This garter toss started out innocent enough...

But then got a little ugly... :-)

It was great to see Maid of Honor Lauren, whose senior pics I shot last year and now adorn the studio :-)

Same with lovely Kayla, who I shot marrying Tommy last year!