Jenny | Prevoir (Maternity)

Yesterday, Josh came out and shot a fabulous wedding with me in the morning, then he and Jenny came out to hang out with us at the house and shoot some pics of our dogs (Josh, I warned you they'd be a pain ;-). Well, somehow it turned into two photo sessions - the dogs (who finally cooperated after Josh chased them around about an hour) and Pretty Jenny because I just couldn't resist! The silly thing is that we have an *actual* Prevoir shoot scheduled for Jenny in two weeks, so this was just the warm up (well, the second warm up for Jenny - Josh just shot her too!!) I edited a few (88 :-) of Jenny real quick here at home on my laptop - hopefully the colors won't look too off!! Here's three of my favorites - more to come later when I'm not on my laptop. Jenny is SUCH a hottie!