joni+neil...for real this time!

Wow. I really didn't fall of the face of the earth, I SWEAR! I've just been super busy doing about a million things! How about if I make it up to you with some seriously smokin' images (more on facebook if you'd like) of Joni & Neil like I promised forever ago?

Along with these images, I'll give you a mini-announcement about some of the projects I've been working on. We've been working hard to get all the info together for the new Coquette offspring shoots. One of which, as you'll see below, is Coquette:Together. It's a couples shoot that's a little sexier. Most likely will take place in your home, but as always I'm open to anything. This is not porn. (duh) These are tasteful, beautiful, intimate images of the two done in an artful way. (sorry, had to put a disclaimer... ;-)

The third child in the Coquette family will be released soon, I swear! I'll just tell you it's going to be SOOOO fun and I'm working with two super talented gals to make something amazing for you. I swear I'll spill soon :-) On to the pics!