Karen & Kris and lots of other announcements...

Ok, first things first. I suck at blogging. I'm sorry...I'll try harder (like we haven't heard that a million times :-) Several announcements before we get the photos started.

1.) KPD has a studio!! Things have changed a lot since my last blog: we're no longer building one, but have found a fantastic place to lease. We'll be moving in in the next month and awesome studio shots will soon be available. I know I have a ton of excited Coquettes booked for the new studio. Seniors - gimme a call! I'll keep you posted as we move in - so excited!

2. The new website will be launching in the next week...stay tuned. I had planned on doing a seniors only website, but it has since evolved into a whole new kpd site, complete with new logo, which you can preview in the photos below. Let me know what you think!

3. I am proud to announce that I've teamed up with the uber-talented Katie Snustead of Mink Artistry to offer hair and makeup styling for your portraits. This is going to be fantastic for Coquettes and Seniors, especially. She really does great work - make sure you mention you'd like to use her in your portraits.

4. I've meant to blog on this for a long time, but we all know how that goes...one of my former brides (remember the gorgeous blonde with amazing eyes - Laura??) is working on a really cool venture called Adorn Brides. The company leases super-expensive jewelry to brides for their wedding day at a fraction of the cost of the jewelry - just like the Oscars :-) They have some gorgeous stuff - check them out!

5. I've got some other really fun ideas that I'll be announcing in the next couple weeks...stay tuned (I PROMISE I'll post sooner...)

Ok, finally onto the photos! Here are some of my fave shots of Karen & Kris' (and their adorable pugs) engagement pics. Karen is friends with Heather (Heather & Rob - they had the cool motorcycle e-pics way back when), and they are both soooooooooo much fun!! I fell in love with her before we even met from our hilarious phone conversations. She is also the inspiration for my new bangs! (Thanks Karen :-). Ok, here they are!