Ok - one more, then I'm outta here! It's lookin' pretty snowy out there... :-)

Last for today is Kristy, a fantastic photog from Oregon, and an amazing friend. Kristy and I have an interesting story! We began chatting via email awhile back - not uncommon for us photog-folk, but what made us different is that Kristy decided to come stay with me and visit - for 6 nights - without ever actually meeting face to face! Everyone was a bit surprised on both ends.

As soon as her plane arrived, though, I knew we were going to hit it off. We had *SO* much fun while she was here and totally understood each other's sense of humor (which is odd, to say the least :-).

Anyhoo, of course we had to shoot each other while she was here :-) (pics of me to come later), so here are a few of my favorites!

Miss you Kristysaurus!!

This next group were all shot between 10 pm and 1 am in my driveway :-) It was quite a setup - and thanks to Katie for the fabulous styling!

And this group was...umm...on the side of the road, spur of the moment :-)

See why I love her? Look at that laugh! :-)