Laurie & Jeff

What's this?? Two blogs in one week...from Kelley? Shocking, I know - I told you I would try and be better. Anyway, I have a big announcement...the new website is up! So everyone should go check it out here. Drop me an email or leave a comment and let me know what you think of it!

Also, some of you may be missing the slideshows I used to do. My reason (though lame) is that I can't think of any more songs! So I'm asking you, faithful blog reader, to help me out - tell me what songs you'd like to hear with upcoming slideshows and I promise I'll make it happen!

One more thing...Blogreader-favorite-baby, Hayden, will be turning 1 on March 21st, so there's more Hayden blogging to come :-) On with Laurie and Jeff!

Today's photos are some of the several weddings I didn't get around to blogging about due to my crazy schedule last fall. Here's some of my favorite shots from Laurie & Jeff's wedding, as well as some from Laurie's bridal shoot (which every bride should do - it's so much more fun and relaxed than just shooting the day of the wedding). These two had such a fun wedding with not one, but two awesome bands. I loved working with them! Jeff was also one of the very lucky grooms this year that received Coquettes as a gift...

Here's how the night ended: :-)

A few from Laurie's River Market bridal shoot: