Matt+Katie | Married!

Ok, folks, get settled in and ready for a long one :-) There are 28 shots here, which is actually amazing considering I started with...ummm...124 favorites!! I'll make a slideshow for the rest of those!

I'm sure everyone remembers Matt & Katie from their fabulous engagement pics and the one teaser shot I put up last week. This was, by far, the most fabulous wedding I've ever shot! It helps that 1) Matt's my cousin, so that was fun :-) 2) Not only did I have Jennifer second shooting, but also the fantastic Josh Solar, so we were for sure like the paparazzi and had such a blast together 3) There was SOO much emotion and connection and fun between these two, which always makes for great shots. Seriously, I have no doubt in my mind that these two are absolutely perfect for each other and I couldn't be happier to have Katie as a new cousin! They are such crazy fun people and everything throughout the day showed that.

Sooo, I'm pretty sure this is the most I've written about anything in forever, so how about we get to the pics, eh?? :-)

First up, a couple of fun shots - on the left - Sam & I, on the right my mom & I, and in the middle, the paparazzi dream team and our tough faces ;-)

Katie's mom and sister helped her get ready at her grandparents' beautiful place. Lilli was peeking at Matt outside.

One of the many adorable moments when they first saw each other.

Has to be my new favorite shot ever!

Love it.

Matt & his brothers (my cousins), Thomas and Mark, looking oh-so-dashing.

Such a goofball.


Matt totally didn't want to leave the party to shoot some more, but I'm so glad Katie convinced him!!! The reception was at the Arts Incubator downtown and it was totally the kind of place I would 'borrow' for a shoot - how awesome is this??

Be sure and check back for the slideshow featuring even more adorableness and a whole lot more partying :-)