More of Jordan

Other photographers will definitely agree, I'm sure, (and artists in general), that keeping a steady flow of creativity is difficult, nearing impossible sometimes. I especially get really bored of my work easily, so clients/friends/Kris & Jamie/anyone around really know it when I find something that totally excites and reinspires me (I'm pretty giddy about it :-). Today was absolutely one of those days! I feel like all winter I've been in creative hibernation and this whole week of shoots has really allowed me to stretch my legs!

On another note, this shoot was also really special to me because it was my fabulous mini-me-niece, Jordan's Sweet 16 shoot. I absolutely love my nieces and nephews (thanks to my hubby since I'm an only child :-) and have so much fun photographing them. Today Katie came out and styled Jordan and I'm sooooo proud of what a beautiful and smart woman she is becoming - love ya Jorjicken :-)

One more technical note, then we'll get to the images. As mentioned, I love doing different looks and the last shoot I posted made use of texture overlays. This time after thinking about what Bruce just wrote, I thought I'd challenge myself to make the photos really interested and layered and dimensional without too many extra photoshop toys. All the photos in this post were created in camera. The only out of camera manipulation was done with Adobe Camera Raw (colors) and a bit of sharpening in Photoshop (and obviously adding my logo ;-) Whatcha think guys? Thanks for all the recent comments - keep 'em coming - they totally make my day!!!