new look+something for the girls :-)

hey everybody! i swear i'm still alive :-) we have been CRAZY around here doing all sorts of new things (which you probably know about if you've talked to me or kris in the last 4 months or so...). sooooooo, without further ado, a few announcements!

1. new look to the blog. haven't decided whether i like the minimalistic header or not. do i need photos up there?

2. new website! launching immediately! in fact, i've put in the request and it should be live within the next 48 hours. think GIANT photos :-)

3. new intern & studio assistant starting soon! because of announcement #4, we decided we really needed someone else to help kris out with her mountain of work, plus holding down the fort on saturdays while i'm shooting weddings. so, jamie will be introduced soon, along with intern kevin-jason ;-) (it's really just kevin - we just like to give him a hard time!)

4. the biggest....a BRAND SPANKING NEW STUDIO!!! hooray! we are finally moving into our new digs next week (anyone wanna help?? :-) and will be inviting you all to our grand opening on february 16 - mark your calendars!

wowsa. that was a lotta announcements! since i've been keeping ya'll in the dark about all that, not to mention seriously slacking the bloggation, i have a treat for you girls! since you liked the kevin post so much from a few months ago, meet henry and ryan! i went to college with these two and henry was just signed with a modeling agency and needed some new pics. ryan was a good sport and let me snap a few of him too :-)