New stuff!

I FINALLY just finished updating the website. That was quite an ordeal (and I didn't even change anything except the photos)!! So, here's your prompt - go check out all the new stuff featured on the website. Here's a quick sampling of a couple of the GORGEOUS girls we've had in recently for Coquettes.

And speaking of new stuff, KPD is now offering the La Vita Dolce shoot! It's sort of our take off of the Trash the Dress phenom. For those of you who haven't heard about this TTD stuff, it's basically an opportunity to go out (after your wedding) and shoot some amazing shots where the dress may or may not get a bit dirty (or caught on fire, soaked, etc...). The concept is that since you're marrying the love of your life, you'll never need the dress again. Plus you get some sweeeeeet pics out of the deal that would be pretty much impossible to get at the wedding.

The reason I've decided to be difficult and re-label the shoots for my purposes is that I don't want brides to feel like they HAVE to ruin, desecrate, and otherwise maim their dresses to do a great shoot like this. In fact, many of the TTD photos are increasingly becoming a 'who can put the dress in the most bizarre positions' contest. I don't think it should be about that, but rather about the bride. Therefore (stepping off my soapbox....), a La Vita Dolce shoot may or may not get your dress dirty or ruined (that is up to you and will depend on the vision we come up with for your shoot). The photos have a bit more of a fashion-photography edge and are shamelessly sophisticated and sexy. This is the most I've written in awhile...or ever...on this anyone still reading?? How about I just get to the pictures? If anyone is interested in doing these, give me a ring - we can combine them with a Coquette shoot and save $100, too, if you're interested...

And a bit of a preview for the lovely Kim, who hasn't seen these yet.... :-)