Oooh, a contest!

Hey guys - I swear I'll be putting up pictures sometime in the near future, but as always I'm swamped! I did get some really fun news just now, though - Jesh De Rox (seriously one of the most fantastically talented photographers out there - you may remember him jumping around in the parking garage with us in Seattle, too :-) is holding a contest on his blog, and somehow one of my images of Katie was chosen as one of the finalists for the exploratory post-processing category! Sweet!! Sooooo, that means everyone has to head over to his blog and vote - there are some amazingly beautiful shots that were chosen - I'm waaaay honored! Anyway, check it out!

Here are the other two images I entered but didn't make the cut. This is the lovely Katelyn, who you'll be seeing more photos from soon :-)