Our new digs (finally ;-)

Ok, I give!!! After being berated by everyone I know to post images of the new studio, here they are!! The pics aren't great (hey - I've been busy ;-), but you can get an idea. We'll start from the beginning...

Here it is, the day we signed on to get it! This is taken from the front door:

The styling area as it was - eek!

Our stage and front window

Getting the floors done. They had GLUED carpet down onto these beautiful 100 year old floors!!

It was soooooo bad. As you can see, our poor wonderful floor guys had to scrape the glue off by hand. Check out the difference!

Fast forward a few weeks....Josh and Jenny came out to help me with the ridiculously daunting task of hanging 18 20x30 and 2 30x40 prints on our 20 ft. tall walls!

Teeheheee ;-)

Jenny loves me :-)

Clearly I needed a wider angle lens to capture all this craziness!

The finished product!

The stage now

The ridiculously difficult to hang prints...hung! See yourself?? And Kris...where would we be without Kris???

The viewing area. That fabulous wallpaper is also due to Kris!

I don't have shots of the shooting space, but I will have some up soon from a super fun session yesterday ASAP so you can see the products of it! Whatcha think???