Prayers Needed...

I normally use this blog to talk about all the fun stuff going on, but I really would appreciate the prayers and thoughts of all my readers today. Sarah Smith, a teenage girl that I've shown horses with for years, was thrown from her horse yesterday morning as she was preparing to show at the State Fair. We are not sure what happened, but the end result is Sarah is in KC Med Center. She has severe head trauma and a split liver. The doctors at this point can't say if she will make it or not. She was unresponsive from the minute Shannon realized she came off the horse. The only response they get from Sarah is negative; when her Mom speaks to her, her brain starts to bleed.

In addition to all this, Sarah's mom was diagnosed with breast cancer this summer, and was scheduled to have a masectomy at the end of this month.

Obviously, the family needs as much prayer as possible, and I'm sure they would appreciate your thoughts. I'll keep everyone posted on the situation.