Rebecca & Bob

I'm still alive!! Yikes, it's been forever since I blogged last...for shame!!! Apparently, all it takes is a little grovelling, which Rebecca was happy to provide ;-) Rebecca & Bob's wedding was my first this year and I had SUCH a great time with them. Both families are absolutely wonderful (not to mention dancing fools, right Kaye??) and I was so thrilled to be a part of the celebration! I haven't totally made it through all their images yet, but here's a few that caught my eye as I went through.

Wowsa! Are these some hot wedding shoes or what???

Love that smile!

The whole time you could just feel Becky's excitement - I love a girl who's so calm and sure about the big day - and could relax enough to really enjoy it!

These two got married at the KC downtown library (crazy, huh?? :-) which allowed me to get up close and nab some amazing shots during the ceremony. There are so many great moments between these two!

There's nothing I love more than a couple willing to make out on a taxi on their wedding day...

...or IN a taxi!! The driver thought we were insane ;-)

A new spin on the garage shots these two like so much :-)

These little girls had so much fun watching the first dance!

Let the craziness begin!