Shrine Rodeo

I just couldn't resist editing a few of these shots really quick (since technically it is my day off anyway... ;-). A group of us (me, my hubby, our friends Bobby & Andy, and Josh & Jenny) headed out to the Shrine Rodeo to take some shots (and also because Josh had NEVER been to a rodeo - that's totally un-American)!!! If you've read this blog for awhile, you've probably already seen my rodeo project from a year ago - if not, it's here.

Anyway, we had a great time after snagging a few all access passes and getting covered with mud. I have a ton more of these I want to share, but here's a starter. Also, be sure and check Josh's blog soon - I know he's itching to post his shots too!

P.S. Fun fact - I actually ran for the Shrine Rodeo Queen 5 years ago. This year our friend, Alyssa Morrison won the title - way to go Alyssa!