Technology is for the birds.

While I generally love all things computer/camera-related, I currently do not. All of my technological gadgets have decided to rebel against me. It's really quite tragic. Within less than a week, I've fought DVD slideshow programs, sat on a memory card and broke it (I suppose that was more my fault...either way....), had my email program crash (so if you haven't heard from me and should have, write me again and please be patient!!), and am trying to juggle about 90 shoots around! I am thisclose to throwing all my computers against the wall. This has not been a great week. I just thought I'd put that out there, so if I've been a little hard to reach, you know why. :-)

I also wanted to invite each and every one of you blog readers to my new studio's open house. It will be Sunday, the 29th, which is frighteningly close now, and I'd love to see you there! Here's your invitation. I'll be back with lots of photos soon!