The Biggest, Most Photogenic, Fabulous Family Ever!

I had the pleasure of meeting the S family - all of 10 of them - awhile ago and had a fantastic time with them. Mom must be a total saint (not that any of these guys are a bit of trouble - seriously some of the sweetest, most well mannered kids I've ever worked with!) to handle 8 kids - ages 20 to 2! This is a long one guys! :-)

Elizabeth, the youngest girl, was a total ham!

There were kittens of all ages - how cute!

Michael & Andrew hanging in the tall grass

My new favorite models, Victoria, Elizabeth & Katherine (and of course, Rusty & Rosebud :-)

The littlest guy, Austin, with mom

Christian was so not feeling this photo session, but looks awesome!!

Cole, the oldest - does this whole family not have the most killer eyes?? Seriously!

Michael found an 'endangered' moth in the field

And one of the whole, awesome crew!