the list.

"...the moment that i wait or i hesitate, is a moment that i waste. i can see it all passing me by..."
-rosi golan lyric

without getting too sappy and melancholy, i wanted to post a list of thirty goals for myself. life goes fast and i can't believe i'm about to be a quarter of century old! i just wanted to put this out there so i would have some accountability. as i check things off the list i may show a few of the details here. think about your own goals for the upcoming weeks, months, and years. is your life everything you want it to be? if not, now's the time to change it! leave me a comment and tell me some of your goals, what you think of mine, or anything else you feel like saying :)

1. take spanish/french/portuguese/italian lessons
2. experiment with print making (silk screen, stencil, stamp)
3. learn to crochet from my mom
4. take guitar lessons and actually practice
5. visit with other small business owners and other creatives more often
6. volunteer at least once a month
7. make an inspiration book with photos, song lyrics or anything else that inspires me
8. take a biblical history class/read the bible
9. start doing yoga more frequently (at least twice a week) so my back will quit hurting and i have some flexibility
10. experiment more with film and other mediums
11. take a dance class with sam
12. take a cooking class
13. get out of bed by seven everyday
14. start praying and having reflective time everyday
15. get control of my will power (aka eating junk nonstop then feeling guilty about it)
16. travel somewhere new at least once every two months, even if it's just a weekend trip
17. take voice lessons
18. go to a wine tasting and really learn about wine
19. shoot more for myself (aka have my camera around a little more often)
20. go skydiving/paragliding/some sort of flying ;)
21. be better about returning phone calls and emails
22. learn more about my family
23. continue to start new "projects" but not let them completely take over my life
24. read more - and not just vampire books ;)
25. spend more real time with my friends; keep in touch with the people who really matter to me
26. keep a journal and make yearly (at least) personal photo albums so i can remember all the wonderful moments i'm experiencing
27. start *writing* again (poetry, song lyrics, etc.) even if it's just for myself
28. educate myself more on politics so i can make my own informed decisions
29. craft more, or at least write down my crafty ideas so i can come back to them
30. ride my horse more often (or at all...)