What a weekend!!

Hey everyone! I'm officially moved in (well, not completely, but enough to count) to the studio! I think it's looking great, and I've already had two shoots in it. Things were so hectic the whole weekend, I didn't take any photos of the move (ironic, isn't it?) but I do have some awesome shots from the weekend's shoots to share. Unfortunately, my main computer at the studio isn't hooked up to the internet yet (have to wait till FRIDAY....), and my spanking new iMac here at home is still downloading all my programs so that I can actually use it. So sit tight, kids, they're coming!

Yesterday was my first official shoot in the studio and seriously, you guys are going to flip when you see how gorgeous this senior is! Plus we had a blast shooting! Anyway, photos coming soon. To tide you over, here's a goofy one of me taken by my iMac :-)