Hey everyone! I thought I'd share some non-wedding-related photos today! For those of you who don't know, my husband and I grew up riding horses. Last weekend I got to go watch my nephew and favorite little cowboy, Austin, bust his first mutton (mutton busting is when the little kids ride sheep and compete to see who stays on the longest, etc. - it is absolutely hilarious). Anyway, I had such a blast taking pics at the rodeo!! Here are some of my favorites:

Could Austin be any cuter???

Here he is w/dad coming out of the shoot.

Crash & burn!

After being rescued by dad, Austin was all smiles and ready to do it again! Here he is with his first winnings (he got second place).

I love this one - that's what rodeo's all about!

Next Stetson ad?

Later on, Austin got to do a "watermelon crawl," or at least he tried....

Mason, his new adorable brother watched, too. Here he is with Uncle Sam (my husband).

Uh-oh Chuck, do we have another rodeo bum in the making?? (His dad, Chuck, used to ride bulls, and

Ok, on this last one, you have to look really close at the cowboy in front! Cool! :-)