joni+neil...for real this time!

Wow. I really didn't fall of the face of the earth, I SWEAR! I've just been super busy doing about a million things! How about if I make it up to you with some seriously smokin' images (more on facebook if you'd like) of Joni & Neil like I promised forever ago?

Along with these images, I'll give you a mini-announcement about some of the projects I've been working on. We've been working hard to get all the info together for the new Coquette offspring shoots. One of which, as you'll see below, is Coquette:Together. It's a couples shoot that's a little sexier. Most likely will take place in your home, but as always I'm open to anything. This is not porn. (duh) These are tasteful, beautiful, intimate images of the two done in an artful way. (sorry, had to put a disclaimer... ;-)

The third child in the Coquette family will be released soon, I swear! I'll just tell you it's going to be SOOOO fun and I'm working with two super talented gals to make something amazing for you. I swear I'll spill soon :-) On to the pics!


ok, lots of big announcements coming soon, i really promise! but for now, i couldn't resist sharing at least one of these amazing shots from a recent shoot with joni & neil! i'll be doing a full blogpost, of course since there were so many amazing shots! but if you just can't wait, i also just uploaded some to facebook - are we friends yet??? find me here!

whatcha think guys?

Julia | Coquette

Hey everyone! I have a TON to edit (and tons more albums to design), so I'll keep this short and sweet. Just so you know though, you can expect blogs on:

Lindsay's Coquettes
Brooke's Senior Pics
Isaac's Senior Pics
Andrea & Alex's wedding that I shot with Josh & Kristy
A couple live music performances
And a trip to the County Fair

all soooooooooon!! Send me some 'concentration vibes' so I can get through everything, k? :)

And, the beautiful Julia!

Jenna | Coquette - Quick Teaser!

There are way more supa-hawt pics of Jenna, but I've been sooooooo crazy busy lately that I haven't been able to get to all of them! Same goes for Katherine, who I know is dying for a peek at hers :-) (You're on the blog-deck tomorrow Katherine!)

Anyway, here's three of my many faves of Jenna - check out those lips! Doesn't she have kind of a Natalie Portman thing going on??

One more for now.

Since I've been such a bad blogger, I figure I owe you. any of you girls out there recognize this hottie? She's quite a Mink...isn't she?? Hehehe...Ok, I'll give it away for those of you who didn't get it - it's Katie, the fabulous stylist who helps just about all of our girls get even more gorgeous for their shoots. She's not so bad on the front side of the camera, huh?

New stuff!

I FINALLY just finished updating the website. That was quite an ordeal (and I didn't even change anything except the photos)!! So, here's your prompt - go check out all the new stuff featured on the website. Here's a quick sampling of a couple of the GORGEOUS girls we've had in recently for Coquettes.

And speaking of new stuff, KPD is now offering the La Vita Dolce shoot! It's sort of our take off of the Trash the Dress phenom. For those of you who haven't heard about this TTD stuff, it's basically an opportunity to go out (after your wedding) and shoot some amazing shots where the dress may or may not get a bit dirty (or caught on fire, soaked, etc...). The concept is that since you're marrying the love of your life, you'll never need the dress again. Plus you get some sweeeeeet pics out of the deal that would be pretty much impossible to get at the wedding.

The reason I've decided to be difficult and re-label the shoots for my purposes is that I don't want brides to feel like they HAVE to ruin, desecrate, and otherwise maim their dresses to do a great shoot like this. In fact, many of the TTD photos are increasingly becoming a 'who can put the dress in the most bizarre positions' contest. I don't think it should be about that, but rather about the bride. Therefore (stepping off my soapbox....), a La Vita Dolce shoot may or may not get your dress dirty or ruined (that is up to you and will depend on the vision we come up with for your shoot). The photos have a bit more of a fashion-photography edge and are shamelessly sophisticated and sexy. This is the most I've written in awhile...or ever...on this anyone still reading?? How about I just get to the pictures? If anyone is interested in doing these, give me a ring - we can combine them with a Coquette shoot and save $100, too, if you're interested...

And a bit of a preview for the lovely Kim, who hasn't seen these yet.... :-)

Audrey - Coquette

I have sooooooo many new shoots to share with you (and TONS more coming)!!! Here's some of my favorites from Audrey's Coquette session a few weeks ago. How hot is she?? :-) If you haven't booked your Coquettes yet, you absolutely should. Now that the studio is up and running, they are even more fun than before! I've got sessions booked through June and beyond, but still plenty of time to fit you in....

P.S. I FINALLY got my internet hooked up at the studio, so hopefully that'll make things easier to stay on top of!