Ashley+Tony | Married!!

Oh goodness, what can I say about these two?? If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting/working with/being photographed by Ashley (my fantastic friend/studio manager/associate shooter), you're really missing out! She's a wonderful, funny, GORGEOUS girl, and Tony is just as fantastic! I love you both to pieces :)

Ashley made so many adorable little details and adornments for this wedding that really made it spectacular. It was a gorgeous day in Independence KS, even with the looming thunderstorms. Their reception was at the real Little House on the Prairie and was *SOOOO* perfect!

Josh came out to shoot (there will be yet another post featuring his hilarious photo booth shots coming soon), my handsome husband came with his date/my bff Melissa (see him in the blue shirt and her in the cutie curls)...AND fabulous Jim & Kris (my original and magnificent studio manager/Mom #2/decorator extraordinaire made the drive, so needless to say it was a great day and a wonderful time was had by all!

Ahem. Onto the photos. Um... warning: there are 74 images in the gallery... I went a little crazy. It's my blog. I can do that :) Click the arrow to the right of the thumbnails to keep going through em if you dare...the night got a little wild ;)

Seth+Steph | Lovebirds

Continuing with the sessions at my house, here's the friggin ridiculously cute Seth & Stephanie. Seth is a super talented cinematographer and we've been collaborating on some projects (including the popcorn shoot recently posted :). His current project, however, sends him to Afghanistan to serve with the military. We decided he and Steph needed new photos before he left, so they let me dress em up and go out to play. We'll miss you Seth!

Ashley+Tony Sneak Peek :)

Because somewhere in Barbados, this blog is probably getting a lot of traffic... ;)

It will take a whole lot longer for me to get through all of my fabulous-wonderful-Ashley-Smashley's wedding photos to do a real blog, but I just had to put up a couple so she has something to tide her over during the honeymoon...hehehe ;) Love you bits Ashley and you were GORGEOUS this weekend. I'm so happy for you two :)

Shoot Day!

Last Saturday Josh & I held our second Shoot Day and it was just as fun as the first! It's really great to see newer photographers (and more seasoned ones, too) having such a great time shooting and experimenting. We definitely plan to hold more of these in the future, so if you haven't jumped on board yet, come out and play!

This day's attendees included:
Heather Cole, one of the most fabulous and fun chicas I know, made a special guest appearance...and we immediately put her to work doing the girls' hair :-) She just rocks like that.
Jeremy Arnold
Jolene Grabill
Patrick Scanlan
Jimmy Douglas
Sarah Chatham
Bethany Peasley
Amy Kuntz
Julie Branyan
Sharaya Mauck
Sarah Crawmer

This time around we focused on couples, and honestly - we couldn't have had better subjects! Jordan & Richard were our first couple - I'm sure everyone remembers her cuteness :-) And the one and only Ashley, my fabulous new studio manager, and her FIANCE (they just got engaged ;-) were our other gorgeous couple. Check out how much they worked it!

elise+christian | married

So, it's 1:28 in the morning as I write this. I don't think I've ever blogged anything so fast...I wrapped up shooting Elise & Christian's wedding just 3 1/2 hours ago!! Call in Guinness (as in the records, not the beer :-)

Anyway, it was so much fun to be a part of Elise's wedding! We've known each other almost all of our lives and it is wonderful that she's found someone who makes her as happy as Christian obviously does! Congrats you two :-)

joni+neil...for real this time!

Wow. I really didn't fall of the face of the earth, I SWEAR! I've just been super busy doing about a million things! How about if I make it up to you with some seriously smokin' images (more on facebook if you'd like) of Joni & Neil like I promised forever ago?

Along with these images, I'll give you a mini-announcement about some of the projects I've been working on. We've been working hard to get all the info together for the new Coquette offspring shoots. One of which, as you'll see below, is Coquette:Together. It's a couples shoot that's a little sexier. Most likely will take place in your home, but as always I'm open to anything. This is not porn. (duh) These are tasteful, beautiful, intimate images of the two done in an artful way. (sorry, had to put a disclaimer... ;-)

The third child in the Coquette family will be released soon, I swear! I'll just tell you it's going to be SOOOO fun and I'm working with two super talented gals to make something amazing for you. I swear I'll spill soon :-) On to the pics!


ok, lots of big announcements coming soon, i really promise! but for now, i couldn't resist sharing at least one of these amazing shots from a recent shoot with joni & neil! i'll be doing a full blogpost, of course since there were so many amazing shots! but if you just can't wait, i also just uploaded some to facebook - are we friends yet??? find me here!

whatcha think guys?

Anne+Dan | Married!

I had an absolutely fantastic day with Anne, Dan and their families. It was great seeing awesome past wedding clients Catherine & Eli too! Despite having to have their rehearsal dinner in the basement of Lake Quivira due to tornadoes and torrential downpour, they were absolutely relaxed and easy going the day of their wedding! Anne said she wanted outdoor pics, rain or shine (my kinda girl :-) so we made the best of it with some fun umbrellas. And then somehow we went from 'making the best' of the environment to LOVING it - I swear, I've never seen skies like we experienced on their wedding day! Wow!! Anyway, on to the pics :-)